Fish Farm for sale near Cermei, county Arad, ROMANIA

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Available for immediate sale: a fish farm in Arad county, in a quiet countryside location (50 km from Arad - the county's capital city, 12 km from Ineu and 25 km from Pincota - two neighbouring towns, and situated halfway between the villages of Cermei and Gurba) in the Western part of Romania (less than 100 km from the EU border with Hungary). See map picture below.

Position: next to the county road, and next to the river Teuz. The property is limited on one side by the county road, on two sides by the river Teuz, and on the other side by agricultural lands.

The property includes: (see pictures below)

  • 1 hectare of lakes (divided in 3 communicating ponds). When the lakes are full the average depth is over 1.5 metres.
  • 2 drilled fountains for water supply,
  • a small house with 2 rooms and an attic
  • storage annexes, animal shelters, a traditional fountain for domestic use,
  • an orchard near the lakes (apple trees, plum trees),
  • a plot of agricultural land (1 hectare),
  • a courtyard area around the house,
  • access road.
Total area: 3.5 hectares (35.000 sqm)
Possibilities of expanding on adjacent lands by buying nearby plots of agricultural land.

The farm can be used for multiple purposes:

  • fish rearing (carp, sander, salmon, crayfish, shellfish, crustaceans)
    (sell live or processed fish to individuals, local stores, markets and fairs, or supermarkets in major cities in the region: Arad, Oradea, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca)
  • aquaculture,
  • angling (sports fishing),
  • agro-tourism (hotel, restaurant, camping site, aquatic leisure park),
  • birds farm (geese, ducks),
  • snail farm, frog farm (for French cuisine),
  • ecological (bio) farming.
This is a money-making machine that can be yours cheaper than the price of a house or an apartment in any city in Romania. Guaranteed return on your investment.

You can have an income stream right away, by allowing anglers to fish in the lake (you charge an entrance fee, and they also pay for what fish they catch). The multiple pond layout gives great flexibility: you can use one pond for angling, one for fish rearing and one for reproduction. Or you can use each pond for a different species of fish. There is plenty of space around the ponds for accommodating a large number of anglers (there are many anglers interested in the area, we had quite a steady flow of regular customers some coming from great distances). You can exploit the farm with minimum investments in the traditional manner, or in a more intensive and productive manner by investing in various installations and amenities. You can start the business with small investments and develop gradually as income starts to come in. The possibilities are endless.

My parents lived at the farm 2 years, and they managed it without problems. Besides the lakes populated with carp and chinese carp, they also kept chickens, geese, turkeys, goats, and pigs. They also cultivated corn and sun flower on the plot of arable land, and a vegetable garden for their own needs. The orchard provides fresh fruits all summer long. You have here all the ingredients of a healthy, natural lifestyle.

All the property documents and legal documents are up to date and in good order. We can complete the sale in just a few days.

New Financing Option Available for Investors in Fish Farms: if you buy this fish farm and want to invest in developing it, you can make the investments and recover 50% of your investment by contracting a SAPARD grant from the European Union non-refundable financing programme available in Romania. The European Commission has approved an increase of the maximum amount eligible for financing an aquaculture project to 500,000 Euro.


1 EUR/sqm or 35 000 Euro

Contact info

If you have any questions or need any additional information please contact me: or call me on my mobile phone +40-740-930584.

Pictures of the fish farm

New pictures

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Older pictures

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These pictures were taken at different times, in different seasons and at different stages of development of the fish farm. The present situation may be different, these pictures are provided just as an indication. You are warmly invited to visit the property to appraise it for yourself.

Be sure to check the newer pictures too.

The farm house, front view.
Farm house, front view.
Farm house, view from the second lake (rear side view of the house).
The farm house and annexes viewed from the second lake.
The orchard, view with the first lake on the right and the farm house in the back.
The second lake, with the orchard on the right and the farm house in the back.
The second lake with a view towards the farm house.
Arable land near the third lake, view towards the farm house.
Draining gate at the second lake.
Populating the lakes with young fish.
Harvesting fish from the first lake.
Populating the lakes with young fish.
Populating the lakes with young fish.
Populating the lakes with young fish.
Populating the lakes with young fish.
Populating the lakes with young fish.

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